[ Bridgepoint Connections ]

connecting professional and spiritual life

At Bridgepoint we are seeking to connect our personal, professional and spiritual lives and to develop leaders and emerging leaders from the inside out. We do this by cultivating a different kind of leadership — personal leadership. Our Bridgepoint initiative will provide opportunities and environments to help you successfully balance your time, relationships, and work by developing an integrated life and worldview.


 Study/ Discussion Groups

Bridgepoint discussion groups are various types of small groups (i.e., six to twelve people) that usually meet on a weekly basis for a specified length of time, anywhere between four and ten weeks.

Sample Study/ Discussion Groups: 


Some discussion groups are based on marketplace issues of the day, such as our popular series entitled, “Balancing Life’s Competing Demands”, as well as another series designed to help people understand how to integrate faith and work entitled, “Thank God It's Monday--Connecting God With Your Work”.  Other groups, such as “Practical Christian Living”, are designed for those seeking deeper spiritual growth in their lives.

Most Bridgepoint study/discussion groups meet in offices before work, during lunch or after work. Some groups are mixed gender while others are men only or women only. The format of the groups is discussion-oriented and usually follows a study guide of some type.