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connecting professional and spiritual life

At Bridgepoint we are seeking to connect our personal, professional and spiritual lives and to develop leaders and emerging leaders from the inside out. We do this by cultivating a different kind of leadership — personal leadership. Our Bridgepoint initiative will provide opportunities and environments to help you successfully balance your time, relationships, and work by developing an integrated life and worldview.


Bridgepoint Articles & Interviews

Here you can read articles by leading business experts who address personal, professional and spiritual issues as well as describe how they have been able to integrate faith and spiritual values with their work and with their lives. They also provide tips on career, leadership, business excellence, management principles and other professional strategies.

Featured Articles:

by Lou Stoops

  • What's Leadership?
    Good leaders help people. Become a resource person for others. When someone shares a need, find a way to help.

  • Be Positive
    A positive outlook is the best way to travel the achievement road.

  • How To Burn Brightly Without Burning Out
    The value of laughter to overall well being is becoming clearer to those in the medical community. Laughter has physical and emotional benefits.

by John Maxwell

  • Making Failure Your Friend
    The really important thing is to profit from your losses. That requires intelligence; and makes the difference between a man of sense and a fool.

  • Leading in Times of Uncertainty
    When people lack hope, the leader has to have hope. When the people lack answers, the leader has to have answers. When people lack direction, the leader has to have direction.

  • Beyond Cooperation
    Cooperation is working together agreeably... Collaboration is working together aggressively; and there's a world of difference between those two.

by Fred Roach

  • The Leader: Seeking Wisdom
    The inner drive of man to seek makes him distinctive. To a large degree, what we become is determined by what we seek after in our lives.

  • The Leader: Dealing With Negative People
    There is the potential to move some forms of conflict to meaningful interaction and gain positive results. This is the ideal situation for a leader.

  • The Leader: A Look At Ethics
    When business surveys ask what characteristics, qualities or values are critical for business and personal success, ethics -- particularly in recent years -- is high on the list. Many consider ethics the single most important ingredient for long-term success.



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