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connecting professional and spiritual life

At Bridgepoint we are seeking to connect our personal, professional and spiritual lives and to develop leaders and emerging leaders from the inside out. We do this by cultivating a different kind of leadership — personal leadership. Our Bridgepoint initiative will provide opportunities and environments to help you successfully balance your time, relationships, and work by developing an integrated life and worldview.




"WHEN THE GAME IS OVER IT ALL GOES BACK IN THE BOX"--Lessons on Living Life In Light of Eternity with John Ortberg

A fantastic career.  A new house.  A prospering 401(k) and a secure retirement.  Good, all good--but is that all there is?

No matter how skillfully you play it, a time arrives when the game of life comes to an end.  Now all the pieces go back in the box.  No more game cards.  No more tokens.  No more promotions, no more financial planning, no more vacations.  Game over.  What did you win that you get to keep?  

Beginning with the right object--being rich toward God--this dynamic DVD-based discussion/study series  with John Ortberg will show you what it takes to really win at the game of life.  Topics include:

1. When the Game is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box
2. Keeping Score Where It Really Counts
3. Resign as Master of the Board
4. Calling or Comfort? Choose Your Moves Wisely
5. Playing the Game with Greatness and Grace
6. The King Has One More Move



Upcoming Meetings

7 Thursday lunches
12:00 noon-1:00 p.m.
Oct. 26-Dec. 14


There will be a $25 (free if unemployed) one-time charge to cover the cost of the book and workbook. A light lunch will be provided each week. Donations will be accepted, but not required. 


Offices of the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics, NADA Building, Lobby Level, 8400 Westpark Drive, Tysons, VA 22102